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Bailey Theatre Society Board Members


Barbara Stroh
Elected 2016
President and chair of Program Team

David Roth
Elected 2013
Vice President and co-chair of Heritage Team

Celia Leathwood
Elected 2019
Treasurer and chair of Financial Sustainability Team

Colleen Nelson
Elected 2016
Secretary and chair of People Team

Judy McLean
Elected 2009
Past President and member of Financial Sustainability Team

Arlo Grundberg
Operations Coordinator


David Francoueur
Elected 2012
Co-chair of Heritage Team

Mike Hicks
Elected 2017
Member of Program Team

Tammy Johnson
Elected 2021
Member of People Team

Leslie Lindballe
Elected 2015
Member of Program Team

Carman Mason
Elected 2015
Member of Financial Sustainability Team

David Samm
Elected 2021
Member of Financial Sustainability Team

Bailey Theatre Society Memberships

Have you ever considered being a member of the Bailey Theatre Society?
Membership is open to any resident of Alberta, of good character and over 18 years of age.
Purchasing a membership helps support the Bailey. You can attend our Annual General Meeting, you can vote on motions or for Board members and you can be elected to the Board of Directors. Your membership will put you on our Mailing List (if you are not already on it), keeping you up-to-date with events and activities at the Theatre. You can also get involved as a
volunteer or serve on Committees.
Membership costs $25 per year, January to December and can be purchased  at the link below:


2019 Financial Statement

2020 Annual Report

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